Poetry Day #2

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Flowers for the lady

Flowers for the lady with the weighty heart
The beautiful Miss missing the charismatic kisses and composed caresses that blesses
away the distresses of being neglected or perhaps alone
The fair maiden who’s laden with the burden of having no of her own but remains strong
Well fashioned with her chastity belt well fastened until her noble groom comes along.
Flowers for that lady
Flowers for the lady bearing the bereavement of death by a thousand lies
Who cries a million tears through her disguise as she meagerly toggles between
resentment and clemency
Her husband’s tendency to cloak his infidelity out weights his good intentions
Thus sacrificing the harmony of their relationship to the weeds grown from the insidious
seeds of dissension
Flowers for that lady

Flowers for the lady found bound by the insurmountable debt of losing her love, after
using her love to restitute the insolvent spirit of this man who poses as her king
But bears no ring to validate all the virtue she’s given. Faithfully living a dour reality
beneath the fantasy of one day becoming his legitimate bride, his covenant queen
Flowers for that lady
Flowers for the lady, whose honor has been disgraced, beauty misplaced, body exploited
and intelligence ignored
Bored to the point of disgust with his lust and meaningless attraction to everything but
her except who she is, what she feels, and how she thinks; her personal perfections,
corrections as oppose to her frivolous flaws and kinks
Flowers for that lady
Flowers for the lady, those of every color, culture, and creed that struggle fight and bleed
to diligently meet the need recommended by the survival of the fittest for the best interest
of her family without that paper husband chosen by the government for assistance
Despite social and economically resistance her spiritual integrity continues to produce
patience and persistence to keep pressing towards the mark of a higher calling and a
better success, accepting nothing less
Flowers for all of the ladies, keep praying, keep staying, keep trusting God and may you
forever be blessed

Poet – Gentleman S. J. Spiffy

The Homeless Man

I saw a homeless couple today

With the brightest smile upon their face

Under the overpass as I passed out food

Looking upon them with a curious eye

I asked the man “Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you become homeless?”

He replied “Son, I’m no where near homeless”

Him and his wife laughed so hard she began to tear up

As I look around in disbelief trying to figure out what I miss,

Chuckling, he looked me square in the eye and told me

“ I ma not have a place to stay but I will always have a home,

See you young cats nowadays judge the character of a man by what he owns,

I’ve traveled the world looking for what I felt I needed, sacrificed everything in the hunt

For what I need

Not knowing all I needed was home the whole time,

John Payne said “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, 

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

I had to loose everything just to get home”

Him and his wife slowly began to cry as he continued

“God had to take everything from me so I could see my home clearly

So I could see the truth of what is truly important

My home is where my heart is 

God always has my heart son

But sometimes he shares it 

And I am so grateful he chose to share it with my wife

We are forever one 

My home will forever be where her heart is

Find you a home young man, God bless”

They held hands as they walked away like teenagers in love

With tears in my eyes I realized they were happier than I had ever been,

I worked so hard to solidify myself through countless failures

And I suffered alone

All the pain 

All the sorrow

All the screams that go unheard

Being used and abused

And they are so carefree

I never thought about what is truly important

Now I know the only person in that conversation  that’s homeless

Is me

By: Delvin Thomas

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