Female Entrepreneurs

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The definition of a female entrepreneur is……

an enterprise owned and controlled by a woman having a minimum financial interest of 51 per cent of the capital and giving at least 51 per cent of employment generated in the enterprise to women

But in today’s world some aspects have changed but yet some things have stayed the same. Here are 8 helpful tips to help you decide if you see yourself creating a business for yourself.

1. Have a clear, firm mission:

First try to determine the reason to start a business and not do a job. This particular criterion will help you understand whether you will fail or succeed in your new venture. You need to have passion and a firm reason to start a business. This very reason will help guide you to your mission. Remember, you will have to face the ups & downs in business while moving towards your goals.

2. Faith in yourself:

Self-belief is very much crucial to achieving success in any business. Logically, women are found to underrate their capabilities. In case you do not have faith in yourself, then you cannot expect others to believe in your services or products. If you feel less confident in your abilities, then no investors would be interested to make investments. Also your staffs are unlikely to give 100% of their potentiality. This is because lacking in self-confidence, you are not able to motivate them to do better.

3. Embrace Failure:

Rules to achieve success should be followed by both male and female entrepreneurs. Failure should be accepted. Remember, any business is involved with lots of risk. However, it does come with its share of rewards. Successful female entrepreneur is one who does not worry about failure.

4. Change perception:

Business success is determined by the thinking pattern of the entrepreneur at the time of its launching. The right attitude and approach can help you to achieve sure success in your venture. You should not consider yourself to be the weaker gender. Try to manage and overcome issues as best as possible. Just you are a lady does not mean you will achieve sure and quick success. Rather you need to leave your comfort zone.

5. Acquire essential business skills:

Not all entrepreneurs are born great. Rather some develop through hard work and determination. In case, you do not belong to a business family, then you are to develop yours. A successful woman entrepreneur is one who can develop essential entrepreneurial skills during leisure hours. Rather than playing around or shopping, you may read a book on business or attend a seminar.

6. Use wisely your time:

Time constraint is perhaps a major problem faced by most women entrepreneurs. This is because women are faced with different responsibilities at home. They are to raise their family, give attention to their personal needs as well as to the business. The Successful Female Entrepreneur is one who can manage all these quite efficiently without ignoring any single aspect.

7. Understand your business thoroughly:

Find out how much you understand your business. Do you seriously have passion for your business or you just ventured to make some money in the industry? Whatever be the type of business you plan to set up, you should be aware of the fundamentals. Avoid venturing into any industry just because you feel motivated by others’ success stories. Chances are you might not achieve success as assumed to be due to lack of passion and in-depth industry knowledge.

And If I would add anything to this list would be that you have to know in advance that you WILL NOT have the support that you hope to have from people you thought would be there for you. Just know that it’s okay because its not their dream, it belongs to you. You will find support so you won’t go through your journey alone, just stay focus on your goals and not so much of others and you will be able to see your advancements through the process of your success.

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