A Woman’s & Man’s View

I’m slowly bringing back this section of the magazine as a test run to see if people still like having this or if I should stop it all together. So please let me know so I can continue to bring you what you like.

First off….WOMEN”S VIEW

When a woman has been hurt and tries to move on she doesn’t want to be reminded that she hasn’t made as much of a impact as she wanted. It’s not that a woman doesn’t want to move on but the reality is that sometimes the wound is greater than she would like to admit to herself but when she does accept the pain the process of recovery begins and for some that process can move pretty quick but there are times when its slow and that pain is still there.

When entering another relationship. A woman’s goal is not to pass that pain to the new person in her life. If anything it’s a test for her to see if she cannot put those emotions on the new person and express them in a positive way that will benefit them both. True we would love to never go through what caused the pain in the first place but that’s not always reality. So knowing how to deal with the situation and having the motivation that when we do have to go through them is what a woman wants to have when that time comes not the drama of being accused of passing negative emotions from one relationship to the next.

And now for……A Brother’s View

Coming soon from a MALE who wants to share their thoughts!!!

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