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Once Told

With every pound of my curves is a pound of knowledge that I will convey to you as I say….

I am still Beautiful

I’m still a woman that loves and treasures the being called you

My gut hangs low and my thighs are wide but my love surpasses the pounds I weigh….

You know the main thing you see when you look at me.

My curves are sensual like the intelligence of a great mind…. Seductive like the Nile.

You’ll see as you journey up the waters that my ancestors prayed for to continue their flow in history!

There’s a great journey as you reach my mountain of bounty…. The nectar of nature that was given to me

BUT only when I decide is when you shall see because with every pound of my curves is a pound of knowledge that I will convey to you as I say….

I’m still Beautiful and Wonderful!!!

Even if the scales tells you I shouldn’t be….I’ll always ask why couldn’t I be?

I was respected back when I was a Big Momma on Plantations and cotton fields by my own race

But now I’m the embarrassment and jokes in restaurants and clothing stores.

My curves withstood the hatred from generations to generations and I have to say…..

I Still look Good!

My curves still stands strong and wide and with every movement is a story that was told by a woman pass my size

“I am beautiful for what I say or do

How I love and cry

For the wisdom and nieves’s of my mind

I am Beautiful for the thickness of my skin…The strength of my soul and the love for my life!”

See I am beautiful and my curves are here and with my curves

you’r curves……curves are something that

Will never go away.

By: Deidre Gibbs

In the mood to Paint…..

I would like to paint the complexity of your skin color

Shine it with a hint of black licorice mint….cool.

Then blow the heat from my southern most parts upon you.

and dust you shall become…..again

until I paint you new

Far side perfect

in a jungle meant for 2

Denise D. Cooper

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