Poetry Spot light: David J.Hopcroft 

I admire work that moves mountains and I consider my mind just that mountain. One of my recent followers not only moved me but changed me as well. Here is a snippet of how he was able to do just that. Thank you for sharing.

How love was lost

They asked in the west

What’s in a name

If it’s only Ukraine

They asked for our help

But nobody came

The excuses were lame

They cried out loud

The reply the same old refrain

To help you would be insane

They shouted louder

But all was in vain

Though we knew of their pain

Then they were gone

Our answer was tame

Saying nobody was really to blame

Leaving a stain

Blood on our white flag

The blood of those slain

Tears cannot contain

Nor can I explain

How Ukraine

Was slain

By a 21st century Cain

Whilst we did nothing

David Hopcroft March 2022

2 thoughts on “Poetry Spot light: David J.Hopcroft 

  1. Thank you for posting this poem. I believe poets have a special role to play in trying to end conflict. As a child I was given the opportunity to read the poets who wrote about WW1 and their experiences.

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