Reflecting your Present

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I took yesterday off to reflect on my present so if you were looking for a post yesterday my apologies. If you have been following this site from the beginning then you know why I brought the magazine back, but for those that don’t let me explain.

This magazine was started over 10 years ago when it was more common to be in a paper format. That’s why I call it HPS #2. Since paper isn’t really used as it use to be I’m adapting to presenting it as a blog format. I’m slowly working on getting the exposure that the original way received attention. I can say for me my most memorable achievements in my life were through HPS and learning how to continue doing so is a process. I’ve at times turn into that old guy sitting around telling war stories, but instead of war its when your mouth drops in aw of realizing who you were talking to teaching you different ways to write poetry or award winning artist sharing their spotlight with you so you can enjoy that moment as well.

The content I try to share now is very close to the original way but there hasn’t been any funny pages or sister’s & brother’s views yet. The view is a section where you see just that. A woman’s or Brother’s view on a topic that gets confused by the opposite sex and they give their insight to help close or understand that topic. I like to think I’m pretty transparent with much of my life and I try to show the similarities that life brings to every individuals so I share private moment’s to show how relatable and also how to overcome different aspects of life. I share the good the bad and the flat out embarrassing moments so yes I’m not scared to share an opinion about anything but I don’t do drama.

My goals for HPS is one to continue showcasing individuals talents to whoever I can reach on this planet and bring insight on topics that makes a difference in this world. Even if it’s just entertainment, sports or health. Whatever comes up I want to showcase people who are making a mark in that situation. Second, I want this site to grow. I’m amazed when I see someone who has checked this site or liked something I’ve posted. It means my goals are happening. And I’m doing a job that I never imagine having but doing it well. From day #1 HPS has outlasted many people who tried to mimic us and we’re still here. So my last goal is longevity. Trying to continue when life tries to pause your growth. This is where my stubbornness comes into play and works in my favor for once. As long as there’s air in these lungs HPS won’t stop and when that day comes I know who I can pass the torch to continue this journey. So reflecting yesterday and today I just wanted to share that when you reflect about your life you don’t have to go back 20 or 30 years ago. Take a moment and see where you are now. Yes the past matters, but so does the present and it can surprise you to help you realize you’ve gotten further than you expected. Try and see what happens.

Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.

Henry Miller

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