Celebrating Women of the past present and future

Yes its National Women’s Month and I want to celebrate Women not just because I am one of them but because its well deserved and much needed. We have to be the most underrated individuals to this day. We can give birth to holding down multiple jobs and family but still be considered less valued as a male. We see this in income and most day to day aspects of life. I personally LOVE to celebrate any and everything and knowing as a woman doing what we consider basic things is a surprise or shocking even in 2022.

I love the fact that we can run companies and raise families but also that we have each other to confide in. Mental health is something that has become more talked about in the past few years but I like to think women have been on it before it became popular. We do check in with each other as friends and family before we go into the work place. But even there we find our strength and passions and drive. This post is for me to say THANK YOU to those who have touched my life and the magazine’s life from the beginning to now and the majority of those people are Women. Not surprised but grateful .

Happy Women’s Month to everyone!

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