The Daily Smokes Devin Wilburn

Can you give readers more info about The Daily Smoke?

Devin: Absolutely. Tell how we started. Right about a year ago actually. But before that I attempted to start it out with about 9 of us and it was too many hands in the pot and it didn’t take off so I decided to grab 2 friends whom I knew their enthusiasm was strong as mine and we got it started in no time. We began to grow and as it says in the scriptures…” Build it and they will come” and that’s exactly what happened. Most of the people I started out with slowly filtered in and made the house a home. 

What is the Wolf’s Den?

Devin: That’s my brother Los’ man cave that we turned into TDS studios. This was our 3rd location. We continued to grow and evolve and needed more suitable spaces to work and this provided us the perfect place for TDS to grow.

How long has the Daily Smoke had its doors open?

Devin: We are a little over a full year now.

Who all is involved with your podcast?

Devin: My brothers Ron, Bobby, Los & Jam and behind the scenes Mrs. Los aka Amy whom is our Accountant and Bookkeeper. And we all have our specific rolls to make this thing work.

How often does it air?

Devin: Originally every Mon. & Wed. Now Monday-Friday with all days live except Tuesday & Thurs. All at 7 pm.

What are the topics that you try to cover and choose not to cover?

Devin: We cover any and everything. More serious topics anywhere from politics, mental illness-on, social and family dynamic to religion, sex, you name it on the Live Mon. & wed. shows which are the main shows then Tues. & Thurs. being geared more towards fun and all things creative, artsy, fun and imaginative. And Fridays are brand new and more comedy geared.

What would you say is something that is a misconception about the Daily Smoke?

Devin: I have absolutely no idea. I don’t think there are any misconceptions because we are very transparent about who we are individually and as a unit and that we are not judgmental and not always right and open to new ideas if they are presented in a valid way that makes sense even if we don’t agree personally. So there is no hard cannon on our viewpoints so as far as misconceptions about the podcast the only thing I could say is if you just look and don’t take time to listen and you are somewhat closed minded or sheltered and very stereotypical minded in terms of how you view people you may think we are not speaking about topics on an intellectual level but you would be incorrect. But if you listen you would know that.

How do you help your community?

Devin: We provide a space for people to reach out to an audience they may not have access to to promote whatever they are doing. We connect and network people for everyone’s benefit. We talk about things that people may be scared to discuss or have no one to discuss with and they have the ability to call in or type in the messages their comments questions and responses and not be seen or herd if that is more comfortable.

What is one message you try to spread to younger generations?

Devin: Just be aware of things, be open minded to being wrong and or learning new things especially things that someone older that you can trust & truly has your best interest in mind can pass on to you. But also not to be easily manipulated and stand your ground until your ground is proven shaky then listen. And that honesty and integrity are keys to everything.

What do you believe can happen with the podcast if it keeps getting the support that it is getting?

Devin: I know it will grow to be a platform that everyone whom is a part of it in some form can and will positively gain from it. Too many scenarios to cover because it’s infinite. It will grow into something finominal. Whatever that may be. We just keep pushing forward.

What is your favorite aspect of doing it?

Devin: I’m literally doing it with my family. We may not be related by blood but we are blood related. Meaning our immediate families may differ but the struggle is the same period.

What advice would you give someone wanting to follow in your steps?

Devin: Stop waiting for the right time and just do it.

Who’s your dream guest?

Devin: I actually can’t say there are way too many but to name a few…Minister Farakahn, Jay-Z, Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought & Lauren Hill

Besides doing a podcast, what other things are you involved in?

Devin: First i’m an emcee so lots of musical endeavors, Acting, Writing for film and TV, being a father to 5 of the most extraordinary daughters you can find, a husband bringing extraordinary people together for greater things, and trying to continue to improve on being the best me.

Using one word how would you describe your team?

Devin: Perfect

If your team had to describe you using only 3 words what do you think they would say?

Devin: Trustworthy, Late, retired man whore….lmao

What was the motivation to create the podcast?

Devin: Literally to bring all the extraordinary people the creator surrounds me with together for a bigger purpose and to create a platform we can all use as a springboard to reach for our potential.

Who caught you off guard by tuning into a taping of the show?

Devin: A high ranking Muslim Brother named Robert Mohammad

What are your thoughts about Black businesses not supporting each other more than other cultures?

Devin: I think it’s a travesty, it’s one of our very biggest detriments and it was planned that way so we need to realize it accept it and correct it in order to put our selves in a better economic space in terms of being in charge the very large amount we contribute to spending so we can then add that to the many steps we must take in order to take charge of our own destiny as a people.

What stereotype do you hope would vanish from African Americans in America?

Devin: The false stereotype that we are a negative threat. And I emphasize Negative. I like us being known as a positive threat where it serves us and the world around us positively. Lime Business Savy, sports, music, creativity, entertainment period, the arts, cooking, inventing, these things we are masters at and in some or most of these things we don’t get the shine we deserve.


Devin: I just wanted to say that the most important things in my strong opinion and experience is a strong team, a strong sense of integrity and accountability. Surround yourself with those you know have your best interest at heat at all times and you can lean on them and they can lean on you even and especially when it comes to being able to vent and or cry on their shoulder. Keep the Creator first!!!

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