Breaking Chains By Sebastian Iturralds

Looking aimlessly, enjoying the sunset over the skyline, hurt by the injustice—Jared admired the city. Life was too much for him. Unable to complain, Jared was forced to answer for the bills that arrived at his house. How long has it been like this?

Nobody could remember the beginning of the cost of living. Everyone Jared remembered was forced to go through the same process, and silently dreamed of a different future. Was it always like this? He asked himself.

On his desk were the bills and notices. He had no alternatives. In a few days he would be living on the streets of a big city. Through the cold of the night between dark alleys. Fearing a night without shelter.

Jared was tired of playing. The rules seemed unfair and designed to benefit a few. Who is not affected by the rules? It was a simple question but the answer was hidden. He sat in front of his computer to find out more. There must be an answer?

The hours passed quickly. Jared got lost in an ocean of information. It was almost impossible to find a true answer. Little by little he was tying ideas until he got to the root of the problem. It had to be that, it was as deep as he could go.

Behind it all, beyond the smoke screen, was the creator of the game. Society revolves around rules that everyone accepts because everyone is involved. It is a board in which we have the dice and reach for the cards. Our turns allow us to move in a circle that always returns us to the same place.

That’s it, thought Jared, the game belongs to the owners of the cards. He quickly began to imagine that all the cards were created solely for the game to exist. Official documents that everyone must accept in order to play. Money. This cannot be. The largest number of official documents printed for the game are money.

Jared was surprised by his discovery. Is everything a game? But that was not enough. Jared was about to have to live on the streets. What good would it do him to know… It was all over. Jared was lousy at playing, and now he was beginning to think the game was rigged.

At that moment he remembered the word decentralized, and began to search for everything within his reach. The Internet was full of information about the new game. This time, the bank was a computer with rules that cannot be changed. The game was starting but nobody knew what could happen.

Jared looked for people currently playing the new game. Companies that have decided to stop working with the old rules, entrepreneurs who have realized the pitfalls of the old system. There were quite a few. They will discover the rules for future generations, hoping that this time the game will be fair to everyone.

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