Why Black Women should support Black women

Photo by Ebuka Onyewuchi on Pexels.com

I was having a conversation with my dear friend, Courtney, about some of our other mutual girlfriends who we always support but never seem to support us.  It dawned on me that for much of my adult life, the women (outside of my family) have rarely supported me in the way that I have supported them.  Women seem to think that everything is a competition; that everyone’s out to get them; that there isn’t enough room in the sky for every star to shine.  And I just don’t think like that.  First of all, the only woman I compete with is myself.  Every day, I want to beat the old me! Secondly, I am too busy to be out to get you when I am out to get mine!  Finally, my light does not diminish yours; in fact, two lights make the room brighter.  Therefore we need to support one another!  Here’s why:

1.       We can empower, encourage and uplift one another.

2.       We’re stronger in numbers.

3.       Every one of us is fighting an inner battle.  Why create outer battles for fellow women to fight as well?

4.       In this misogynistic world we are still living in, why should we be against one another when the world already is?!

5.       Beautiful minds can inspire one another.

6.       Team work makes the dream work.

7.       We need to teach the younger women what sisterhood looks like so they’ll be more Golden Girls and less Real Housewives!

8.       We can learn from one another.

9.       You need a sister to show up for you in the times you cannot show up for yourself.

10.   What you give to others, you give to yourself.

It’s WAY past time to stop honoring and supporting women with our mouths but not with our actions.  It’s WAY past time to stop forming these cliques that only serve the purposes of clucking louder in the hen house.  It’s WAY past time to stop discriminating against other women based on size, education, skin color, sororities, religion, and all that other garbage!  It’s TIME to be real.  And real women know they cannot do it alone.

Sean Johnson Artist

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