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Independent films are everywhere these days due to obvious reasons but I have to say that this one stands out in more ways than one. Sit back and get to know each of these characters and the artists that play them in an Independent film called Fair Play. Oh, and when you finish reading this check out the film on Tubi, Roku, amazon, Sling, Youtube. Also you will be able to purchase the DVD and stream it on video on demand just in time for the holidays! Just know you won’t be disappointed, more like extremely impressed.

First up……Mark Forman

How would you describe Fair Play and the character you portray?

Mark: Fair Play is a realistic film. I’ve seen a similar situation a time or two. My character (Todd) is a stand up guy with a past. I can relate to him.

What makes this Black film stand out from other independent films?

Mark: This film is a melting pot! It takes you on a ride. It’s funny, thrilling, and put you in deep thought.

 How would you like to see the film play out if there was a sequel to it?

Mark: I would absolutely love to see Malcolm get on the right track.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a part of an independent film?

Mark: I think that the most challenging side would be marketing, budgets, and permits. Sometimes they can be roadblocks.

What do you think the type of image you give off playing your character Todd?

Mark: I believe that I give off a positive image. I feel like I’m a good friend and a good husband as well.

Open Mic: I’m a music artist as well as an actor. My stage name is K.O.C GO. I have an album out called “Know Pain Know Gain”. Be sure to check it out. Thanks!!!

Next is…….Brandy Specks

What impressed you about your character Sasha?

Brandy: I was impressed by the fact that she didn’t let anyone control her or tell her what to do. She had her own mind and always had a game plan for whatever situation arised. She made sure she was clear about what she wanted, especially when it came to the men that she was dating.

What were the challenges playing this character?

Brandy: Having kind of a carefree, worry free demeanor. Also having a feeling with being comfortable with juggling multiple men at one time. Lol. 

How relatable do you think Sasha is?

Brandy: Sasha is very relatable, in a sense that there are MANY women (and men) in today’s world who think and act like she does. They rely on other people, especially people of the opposite sex, to cater to and take care of them. They show no responsibility for their own actions. They use people over and over again. They don’t realize the pain and betrayal they cause when playing with someone’s feelings and emotions. Ultimately, it can turn out really bad in the end for either or both parties. We see it a lot on the news in real-life situations in crimes of passion, murder suicides, and many more horrific incidents. 

How do you think she brings the comedy/drama to the film?

Brandy: Sasha is FULL of drama! She always has a way of having trouble find her. She’s so problematic and confrontational. Not to mention, she’s the side chick to a very married ‘Jay’. And just when you think it’s smooth sailing, in comes another incident with Sasha. One way or another, Sasha has to either avoid a physical altercation or a verbal disagreement. 

If there was a sequel to the film, how would you want Sasha to be in it?

Brandy: I would definitely want Sasha to have done a complete 180 in her life and also with her outlook on things. She would need to know what it means to have bad karma come knocking at your door. I would like for Sasha to have learned from her mistakes and to treat people better. 

What are some hidden talents that no one knows you have until now?

Brandy: I can kind of juggle. Lol. I’m also really good at almost perfectly and randomly, guessing other people’s ages. 

Open Mic!!!

Brandy: Thank you for having me! Fair Play is currently available on DVD, and will soon be available on multiple streaming platforms! You can also find some of my past projects currently on Prime Video, Tubi, Vudu, Fandango Now and a few other VOD platforms. I am on social media as ‘Brandy Specks’ and ‘B Specks’ on Facebook. I am on IG as ‘@thats_specks’. 

Next up is……Sonya Gooden

In one word how would you describe your character Nina?

Sonya: No-nonsense

What is a misconception you think your character had in the film that you would want to clear?

Sonya: I would say the misconception is that she is controlling 

Why was it so fun to play this character?

Sonya: It was fun to be unapologetically raw. 

What do you think Nina could bring to the film if a sequel was to happen?

Sonya: She would bring the fire and balance advice from the prospective of a married woman and dealing with relationships. 

If Nina had a playlist for her character, who would be on it?

Sonya: Monica, Jodeci, Mint Condition and Jasmine Sullivan oh for sure Jill Scott

What’s Nina’s best quality?

Sonya: Her Honesty. 

Next in line is……Ashlie Young

Describe 5 qualities of Tia good and bad?

Ashlie: Tia is a bit messy, inquisitive, and lays it all out. She’s
forward but can be kind. If she doesn’t like you, she has no problem expressing it. I don’t know if they
are all good or bad qualities, per se, but the mess she exposes wasn’t her most shining moment.

How relatable do you think your character’s situations in the film are?

Ashlie: I believe Tia’s situation in telling her coworker, Brandi, about her husband cheating on her is relatable. A
lot of people have had to face that type of situation of finding out someone’s husband is cheating on
them and battling between whether to tell them or not. I believe people toggle between how close they
are to that person, if they would get mad at you for telling them, if they would even believe you, or
perhaps, they may already know. All-in- all, I think it’s a pretty relatable situation. There’s only 2 choices,
you either tell them or you don’t, but you have to bare the consequences of either decision.

What’s your favorite scene?

Ashlie: The scene when the customer (Patience Norman) yells out, “Beat her ass,” whenever Sasha and Brandi
were having their exchange after Brandi finds out her husband’s been cheating with Sasha. It’s like this
really serious and dramatic scene and out of nowhere you just hear, “beat her ass.” It always tickled me.

Where was your favorite location to shoot?

Ashlie: In the beauty shop because that is where the exposure happens. We had a pretty good time and many
laughs while on set at the beauty shop.

What’s one talent you have that no one expected you to bring to the film?

Ashlie: My attitude and how I can “go off.” I’m normally bubbly and goofy, so I think the way I was able to
switch my attitude, especially on Sasha, was an interesting stretch for me. (chuckles) I wanted to be
intentional about my attitude.

What in your opinion makes this film great?

Ashlie: The entire production! The whole cast really dove into their characters. It was quite an experience
seeing how everyone developed their character and how it all came together on screen.
I love how Contrina envisioned each character and their personalities in the roles. Rhonda’s organization
on set and creative eye. IDO Media’s visual concepts and bringing us to life on the screen.
I can’t thank Jalaworld Productions enough for this amazing opportunity to work with such an amazing
cast and production crew. This film was dramatically fun but humbling. It makes you want to become
more discerning about situations, take heed to red flags, take a look in the mirror, and check your

Open Mic!!!
Follow me on FB: Ashlie M. Young /Insta: @neo2rize for upcoming shows and performances.

Next is………Reyna Deese

Describe Brandi?

Reyna: Brandi is a young, well-educated business professional who will do anything for her family. She came from a single parent home so  she values hard work and is determined to live a life better than she experienced. She is a loving, committed wife to her husband Jay and dedicated to building a beautiful family. However, she has allowed her love to blind her from the true nightmare she is living. 

How would you compare yourself to your character?

Reyna: Brandi and I are both strong-minded, outspoken women unafraid to voice our opinions (or throw hands if necessary lol). We are very protective and caring for those we love. Loyalty and trust runs deep in our hearts. We love hard. We are fighters. However, we find ourselves sometimes fighting for the wrong things or reasons. We believe in seeing and fighting for the good in others despite the ups and downs we may face. We tend to fight to mend and save relationships instead of burning bridges. This is something we both need to work on. Where I think we differ though, is the amount of BS we are willing to take from someone. In reality, I wouldn’t have let the situation Brandi and her husband were in reach the level to where my life and my child’s life are in imminent danger. I would’ve been left and never looked back after the first time. 

What would Brandi say to a friend going through a breakup?

Reyna: Brandi would say, “Don’t be like me. Do not be afraid to leave a relationship that no longer serves you, especially if it will cost you your life. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness or peace but your own. Love yourself first with all of your being, and never let anyone make you believe you are unworthy to be loved. You are God’s creation, made from love, and you deserve nothing less.”  

How does it feel to represent Houston in an Independent film?

Reyna: IT FEELS AMAZING AF! (can I say that; you can delete the af lol) Houston has soooo much to offer the film industry. We are just marinating with a lot of talent, waiting to be served as a full course meal to the world! It was an honor to work with such a talented, supportive, fun-loving, professional cast and crew. First, Contrina wrote a great, well-rounded script that gives the audience everything from drama, romance, comedy to suspense. Then she put together an all-star cast that was a joy to be around every time on set. I truly enjoyed doing what I love and am called to do with other like-minded people. Houston will be making its mark in the film industry much sooner than later for sure!  

How would you want Brandi to be played out in a sequel?

Reyna: I would love to see Brandi fully embracing motherhood with no regrets, no reservations about the decisions she made in the past. She would be thriving in her career and maybe even starting to explore dating again with someone who truly values her. Overall, seeing a healed Brandi walking in her power as a queen and overcomes. 

Open Mic!!!
I’m BLESSED! Your girl is booked and busy!! I just finished my first lead role in the suspense feature film “Induced”(Johnnard Harper). I am currently filming another feature, “The Micro ” (Brian Burns), which is centered around police reform.  A new series called “HouWood” (Cayn King) is in production in which I play the role of Selena.

I just got off an exciting high on stage performing with Vincent Victoria Presents “Starring Cherry Cola Pitts” and “The Storm is Here,” but will quickly return to the stage for his play “The Last Night of Jospehine Baker.” I am scheduled to join The Ensemble Theater’s 2022 season.  I will also be joining the amazing cast of the new tv drama series “The Szn” written/directed by Malcolm Carter in early January.

You can see me in action in several other film projects by downloading SGA TV Network. Their fall television season includes seeing your girl in “Sincerely Judy” (Shacolby Shentell), “Black” (Jeremy Becton, Qasim Barnes) and “Molly’s Diary” and “America” (Dakarai Akil). Also, I have just finished several commercials as well. You may see me in a furniture commercial for 3 Room Packages airing right now on television! Check me out and follow me at @reynajanelle_

Reyna Deese

The next Artist is…..Yolan Young

Describe Jay?

Yolan: Jay is a complicated man more so misunderstood. He knows what he wants and goes out to get it. Sometimes he may go to far. lol

How was it adding a comedic element to your roster of talent?

Yolan: lol now that is funny…I never tried to play him funny it just came out that way lol.Seeing it on screen and watching as the crowd cracked up laughing at the way I played Jay, kinda gave me the courage to jump into the comedic realm.

Would you say Jay was misunderstood or just a stalker?

Yolan: Definitely misunderstood lol

This film was a family affair for you, how do you think it worked in your favor versus working against you at times?

Yolan: I never could see it ever working against me. This will be my second film with my wife, being able to bounce ideas off each other, reading scripts together, and working together makes me less nervous even if we are not in the same scene. I love it.

How do you want to see Jay come back if a sequel was made?

Yolan: I would like for the world to see his origin story. Why Jay is Jay. Even if it might be from a prison cell. lol

you can find The Unknown Child Named Yolan on my website or they can contact me on any of my
social media pages: Facebook @Yolan Young, Yolan Apoets

Poet fan page, or IG @apoetspoet. There, you will be able to
purchase an autographed copy of the book.

Poet fan page, or IG @apoetspoet. There, you will be able to
purchase an autographed copy of the book.

Next is….. Tabitha Lee

How would you describe Freedom?

Tabitha:  I would describe Freedom as caring, loyal and determined.

What was the moment like for you when you realized how your character was going to be played out in the film? 

Tabitha: I felt like:  Here is an opportunity to show a perspective that ranges from Love to family and self worth. Women tend to wear so many hats and we juggle so many things and at times forget to really pay attention to those issues that are going on with us Personally

There’s plenty of comedic humor throughout the film, what’s your favorite moment?

Tabitha:  LOL!! My favorite moment, was when I marched my angry behind up to “Malcolm’s” job and I  broke up with him. I enjoy being able to play the physicality of a scene within an emotion… The ladies in the scene were hilarious as well.

How do you think you did portraying Freedom that helped others display the character’s behavior? 

Tabitha: I think I did a good job with the relationship chemistry between my sister and I, which was different between my friend and of course my relation with “Malcolm”.  I think it was easy for all us to become those characters and make it look natural.

If there’s a sequel to the film, where would you want to see in Freedom’s future?  

Tabitha: A Co worker who recently saw the film just asked me that same question… She was hoping to see Freedom “ride off into the sunset” with some great guy!  But yes, I would love for Freedom to finally meet someone who truly loves her but also see how she deals with the death of her sister.

What is one question you wish people would ask you and what would be your answer? 

Tabitha: Could you play a “deranged” role that would entail you killing someone?   LOL!  Crazy I know but, I’ve always played the “safe” roles, the funny roles, the sassy friend…etc.. It would be a welcomed challenge for me to play something TRULY out of my character… 

Open Mic!!!!

I’ll be filming my next film next weekend with Jonathan Milton-Six FigureFilmmaker and I am definitely looking forward to many more opportunities to showcase this range of talent!

Ms. Lee

Next up is………Michael Fontenot

How would you describe Malcom?

Michael: Malcolm is a man that wants to be in a committed relationship but can’t do what it takes to sustain his woman. He aims to do the right things in the relationship yet his lust overpowers him every time.

What do you think Malcolm’s downside is versus his positive aspects?

Michael: Malcolm’s downside is his unfaithfulness! He’s given multiple chances from his woman to get it right but he keeps messing it up. His positive traits are he genuinely loved Freedom he just didn’t know how to appreciate a woman of her caliber! He was also a great friend.

What do you want people to get from this Film?

Michael: I want people to know that if you don’t cherish what you have at home you can lose it!

What was the best memory you have of working with your cast mates?

Michael: Working on set didn’t feel like work. It felt like a big family! I enjoyed creating the film with the whole cast. We all had time same vision in mind and that was to make this film a success. Everybody came ready to work!

Watching the premiere of the film left you with what type of emotions knowing it was a success?

Michael: The way the audience took in every scene made me feel like what we created was greatness. I left out of that theater with a smile on my face ready to create another film!

Next is artist…….Regina Cooper

What was it about your character Nicole that stood out to you in the film?

Regina: Nicole is funny, feisty and says exactly what is on her mind. She is a lot like me, especially when it comes to telling it like it is!

What do you think was the familiarity that people could connect to with your character?

Regina: Nicole and I both have the same witty personality. I am an educator, and you definitely have to have a sense of humor working with middle schoolers! Most of my friends and a few of my family members said that I pretty much played myself in this film. When I originally read the script, I envisioned Nicole to be a few years younger than myself, but despite what I thought the age difference might be, I think I did the character justice.

What were the funniest moments of the film to you?

Regina: I think the funniest moments in the film was the banter between Nicole and Sasha. A lot of our lines were made up on the fly, and much of our ad libs made it into the final cut. It was pretty fun to watch how they interact. Poor Freedom just had to deal with it. 

What did you take from your private life to help prepare you for your character?

Regina: I am the oldest of many siblings, so I had a lot of practice telling people what they should and should not do. Nicole is like the big sister who has already experienced life. She only wants the best for the people around her, and she isn’t afraid to let them know when they are messing up. She doles out a handful of tough love, but she definitely knows when to soften her tone.

What do you want people to take from this film?

Regina: I want people to understand that their actions have consequences, sometimes to the point of physical harm. You don’t play with peoples emotions, and you don’t play with the lives of folks either. Especially considering the percentage of people out here with undiagnosed mental health issues!

If there was a sequel to the movie, how do you want everyone to see Nicole now?

Regina: Nicole should have given King a chance! In the sequel, Nicole and King get together on some Stella gets her groove back type shit! She deserves it, don’t you think?

Open Mic!!!
Honestly, I think this is probably my best work as an actress.  I‘m so grateful to Contrina for writing such an awesome film and having faith in me to bring this character to life. As a little girl, I often dreamed of being in movies, or on TV, or singing on somebody’s stage. I can now say that I’ve done all three! I’m an educator of middle-schoolers and teachers, a wife, mother, published author, actress, singer, and soon-to-be candidate for principalship here in Texas. Right now, I feel unstoppable, I cannot wait to see where God takes me next on this journey!

Thank you!

Next artist is…….Corrigan Coleman

Describe the character King?

Corrigan: I would describe King as a flirt,  smooth, calm, collective, responsible. He can switch it on and off. Can be over protective of the ones he care about.

What did you learn about yourself playing this character?

 Corrigan: By playing this role I learn King is like my real life. I’m a huge flirting and carry myself well and actually have a best friend that’s a woman

Describe your first blooper playing King?

Corrigan: My first blooper, lol is when Sasha stood up and well if you seen the movie you’ll know lol

Where was your favorite location to film?

Corrigan: My favorite location was at the daiquiri shop. There was a lot of dope art work there.

How would you want King to be seen if a sequel was made?

 Corrigan: If King was to do a part two I would like King to be more flirty and a deeper dive into his life 

And finally artist…….

How would you describe your character?

Nikki: Exactly who I am. Phoenix and Nikki are just a like.

When did you know that this film was going to stand out from others?

Nikki: From the read thru and meeting the cast.

Who do you think from the cast could play more than one role in the film?

Nikki: I don’t know.

What would your character be listening to?

Nikki: Trap music and Neo Soul

If the film had a sequel how would you want your character to be?

Nikki: Sasha lol

If you want to know more about the film, again check out the film on Tubi, Roku, amazon, Sling, Youtube. Also you will be able to purchase the DVD and stream it on video on demand just in time for the holidays!

You won’t be disappointed!!!!

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