Erica (Eri) Chambers

Consultant/Theater and more…..

How do you describe the type of work that you do?  I get paid to think about it.   Think about what, you ask? 

Erica: Everything from how to improve a process to building a worst case scenario plan. 

What is the your job title and what are you supposed to be doing?

Erica: I am a Senior Strategist and Solution Manager of The Eri Jordan Agency

What skills would you tell someone they would need to be able to succeed in your field? 

Erica: Assuming this person is a level 3 genius,  a great poker face and an amazing smile is also required.  It is very hard to look at a system or process and tell someone that it is crap.  Depending on the years and tears they have invested, it could come off a little NOT NICE.

How do you think you balance your creativity?

Erica: BALANCE (in my best Soulja Boy voice). Creativity is how I naturally live.  I don’t take time out to prepare an amazing dish.  I cook amazing dishes and plate them beautifully.  I am creative in everything I do.

Your work has you traveling at times, how do you find time to work on other aspects of your life?

Erica:  I have the time to manage anything I want.  For what I do, traveling is equivalent to a daily car commute.  Do I have a hectic schedule? Yes.  But “work” is only 20% of that schedule.  SHHHHHHhhhhh don’t tell anybody.

What drew you to the theater?

Erica: I wanted to be Clara in The Nutcracker when I was 7.  I got the part of the dancing teddy bear.  The teddy bear was suppose to March, but if you know me you know I danced!

What is your fondest moment from being on a stage? 

Erica: Performing at the Nuyorican in NYC.  How we finagled our way onto that stage was hilarious.  Being on that stage was epic.  Hearing the applauds of people feeling my story – PRICELESS

What advice would you give a young black female who is about to embark into the world not knowing what they want to do in their life?

Erica:  Try almost everything.  Research.  Lay out the risks.  Create smile milestones to celebrate the accomplishments. And remember, it is always okay to change your mind.

What do you believe is your purpose in life? 

Erica: To create a happy atmosphere 

You’re into fitness, what motivates you to make time for it?  

Erica: I only eat right because I love the food people eat on diets.  It is just a coincidence.  I am physical active, but these old bones are not fit.  I just cannot sit still.

In the perfect world we could do everything, what do you see for your future? 

Erica: Accepting an Oscar

How do you see your professional career growing as the world keeps changing? 

Erica: I’ve been working like this for over 15 years, remote and in various locations.  This “new” world isn’t new to me.  I do believe the entertainment industry has found a way to adjust, but they will do some hard evolving to survive.

How would you describe your personality? 

Erica: Amazingly Annoying 

What’s one question you wish people would ask you and what would your response be?

  Erica: How much should I deposit into your account?  My answer – Just $385,439.88

Being a Black woman in your field do you think you will or have you dealt with stereotyping or discrimination in the workplace?

Erica:   I’m over 40, born in the 70’s, raised in the 80’s, played in the 90’s and been living ever since.  Last year I watch a man be murdered on TV.  A young lady was shot in her bed.  And the discussion in the workplace, was to create more diversity programs and opportunities.  Why would a workplace environment need to address stereotypes and discrimination in place where it doesn’t exist? (Insert a very sarcastic stare RIGHT HERE)

What’s 3 things people would be surprised to know about you? 

Erica: I was church organist.  I am a huge 80’s game show fanatic.  I like the wilderness life.  

Open Mic!!!!

Erica: I am finally loving “This Pretty Black Skin That I’m In” and Family guy is my favorite show of all time! The End.

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