Reflecting back on 9/11

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I know everyone has had some type of emotion throughout this day. This day for the most part has had a major impact in our way of life and our fears of the unknown and the fear of others behavior. So to say it’s a sensitive subject is a understatement. I just wonder and this is just my thoughts, but when are we going to stop celebrating death?

And it’s not really the death its how they died. I say this as someone who lost someone that day. I remember his laughter and his charm. I remember his voice as he would flirt till he hit my ever lasting last nerve but I remember his heart. And knowing that I know in my heart what was going through his mind and knowing he was helping people instead of running towards a safer area.I want to remember that about him NOT how he died. We know how everyone died. It was televised so it’s on film for reflection. It’s been 20 years and for the families that live daily with the lost this day of reflection is not of the loss but of the intent that was placed in our history books. We have been able to get small glimpse of humans being decent beings and helping in the midst of tragedy but yet we still lost so much and still do. after 20 years we still give majority of the focus on the act and just give names of the lost souls.

I personally couldn’t take it today. The first time in 20 years of losing my friend. I didn’t cry but I couldn’t take the magnitude of the lost with it still not being reported in a balanced format. I guess it’s the writer in me but yes that was a tragic day but it was more than terrorist attacking us. That was father’s, mother’s, aunt’s, uncle’s and friends living their daily life and in minutes was altered by becoming hero’s, survivors and victims. We still don’t talk about them. Just those who did it and how. Why? My friend was from Africa. He came to New York with his brother to build a better life to bring the rest of his family to the states. He loved to workout and to show off his charm. He was a delivery guy. He loved to make peoples day brighter and always made it his goal to leave people with a smile unless you got him mad. He was one of too many people we lost on this day and yet in the 20 years we barely know the names of who we lost and still not enough of who they were. There were artist, chefs, debaters, poets, politicians, activist, writers and so much more. They are so much more than this day. I personally remember him not of this day. I dread this day not for the fact that its the day he passed but its the day he is continued to be pushed aside in remembrance as of the other fallen victims. I’m sure this post will offend or upset but I also hope it will help make this day more understandable of why it is so tragic. I’m sure in some way the loved ones might feel or understand my thought process of this day because the reality is no matter which way you look at today, it is tragic and it is of loss. A loss that is too great to understand why it was able to happen and still impact people 20 years later.

Cherish life. its temporary but it’s filled with love. more so with impact. Try to figure out why the impacts if you can, learn from them. Grow from them and most of all live through them the best you can.I think they would want us to grow from their loss. Not just reflect.


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