Being sick during a Pandemic Spike

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First let me say that the fear is real out in Houston! True the spike in cases have increased so a simple cough will get you more than a look. But add in a common cold with a viral infection will get you blocked from work and let me tell you phone calls have even decreased!?! People actually think the virus can travel through the cell phones.

I would love to say people are over reacting but honestly I don’t blame them. People are not taking this illness as serious as I think they should, even after they see how deadly it is. People are not getting their shots even when you can get paid to take it! If I knew that was gonna happen I would have waited….not really but its sad its come down to paying people to do something that will benefit them in the long run. I’ve always said its like getting the flu shot, If you have it the medicine will help pull it out of you or basically if you do get it make it less severe. But that’s my opinion. I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. I’m just someone who see’s fear in resident’s faces when they are so congestive and they don’t know why.

Some so congestive that they can’t even talk or moan. You can just see it on their face that they feel miserable. Which as of now I understand more than I think they would want someone to relate to them. I sound like a true tenor singer, trying to see how low he can go. I can kinda see why people can’t taste anything. Because there’s so much mucus that it coats your tongue you do lose the ability to taste anything. You literally have to wash out your tongue. Not scrap but WASH it out. Disgusting yes I know. And yes I know I’m talking like I have covid but test say no I don’t.

But living in a world where its better to be safe than sorry, I’m keeping to myself and unfortunately I will be missing out on things that are important to me. I will probably miss the birth of my great niece. Face time will have to do but hey as long as she’s safe and healthy that’s all I want for the kid. This world is going to teach her so much and so will her parents to help her balance out the madness. It just sucks that my chance to hold her will be probably a few months after she’s born because we not taking any chances!!!!

It’s time to go take my next dosage of relief but if this has made any sense to anyone just get your shots so if you do get sick its a common cold and not something that will take you out of the picture…..forever.

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