Knowing when it’s time to move on

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You would think it would get easier as you get older to walk away from situations that don’t fit your life as you get older but ummmm that’s not always the case. I’ve personally have been in the medical field since I was 12. Yep illegal but who going to tell their mother no? lol I’m not going to tell my age but it’s been over 30 years and we will leave it at that. Being in a field for that long you would think it would be easy to let go because you’ve been doing the same thing over and over that it should have gotten annoying at least. But it doesn’t. There are two things that change. You and that field.

You come to terms that you have outgrown your field or you want more out of it but don’t want to leave the People that you take care of, for example. We will use me in this story. I’ve stayed with this company for about 7 years and I kept waiting for the improvements to surface. And while waiting, you try to keep your residents alive and happy till that day comes because they have nowhere else to go and unfortunately can’t go anywhere to look for a better place. So even though you know you can’t do it on your own, you know that even if its just an 8 or 12 hour day they will have known that they mattered for those days that you were there. But even with that mindset you know your days of being there is coming closer to a end. How do you get pass the emotions? Everyone there doesn’t have poor memory loss or dementia to take away the thought that you left them.

You know your not leaving friends behind because true friends keep in touch so it’s not that, it’s the resident. You know you can always come back to see them but it’s not the same. Please don’t think I’m using them as a security blanket because my work stalker named Robert always reminded me that my presence mattered. I couldn’t go anywhere and not be in his sight line.

I’m the high five aid that everyone wanted to get a high five from because they see others doing it and wanted to be in on it as well lol. I know when I leave I won’t be updated to their passing or if they are lucky enough to go back home or a better home environment. To be an aid trust me it’s not for the money, it’s for helping people in their toughest times. People say dealing with customer service is so hard but I don’t think people realize if your working in the Medical field your dealing with people when their sick. So that’s grouchy, angry, sad,bitter,depressed and defeated on a daily to hourly rotation. I think personally we should hold that crown but that’s just me.

Can you imagine what its like to try to figure out what to do next ,when all your life you’ve only done one thing? And don’t get me wrong you can find something, but you have to wonder will it give you the same satisfaction as what you’ve been doing so far. Your not scared to take that leap its just is it worth making it?

You know that whatever it is you know the answer is YES. Because the field has outgrown you because everything is always changing. You change, skill levels change, attitudes change, environments change. Either you grow with it or you grow out of it and either way is okay.

It’s growth. It’s life.

And most important it’s normal. So as you sit and contemplate your next move, like I’m doing just know there’s nothing wrong with you. Well there is, if you stay doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Then that’s a different article. But for now this is one that says changes are coming and its okay to accept them and even better its okay to make them.

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