Kristy Getz

Alaskan native traveling from Vegas back to her Homeland shares its beauty from her art.

What would you say has been the best part about going to Alaska?

Kristy: Seeing friends and family and also being able to look at the beautiful scenery I grew up with every single day.

What would you tell someone who is contemplating going there?

Kristy: I would say do it! Life is too short! Alaska is one of THE MOST beautiful places in the world. The people are great and you can find great food here too!

What is a misconception about Alaska?

Kristy: Ooooh good one. There are many. One is that we are all so isolated that we don’t have up to date things like shopping, music, restaurants things like that. Some of the major misconceptions i used to get from people as a kid when I traveled was that we had polar bears in our backyard and we had igloos. Lol there are so many reality tv shows out now about Alaska and those are about people that live “Off the Grid”. Alaska is VERY BIG. Alaska is 665,385 square miles. Texas is 268,596. So that gives you an idea. Most of the population lives in Anchorage, about 293,000. so that tells you a little bit about this beautiful state.

What is an honest downside to living there?

Kristy: The winters can be long. September to about March or April depending on what the weather decides to do. It can get extremely cold. But from what I have heard the weather has gotten milder over the years.

What’s the best seasons to go?

Kristy: My favorite is spring and summer…May to August.

Would you travel from Vegas to Alaska again?

Kristy: Oh yea, Alaska will always be my home. I’m at this age where anything is possible! I’m not stuck anywhere. I used to feel kind of tied to one place or one job. But after the last year and a half of experiences I have realized life is all about making it your own and that’s it! Not living for anyone but yourself!

How do you think going back home has helped your creativity and artwork?

Kristy: Going back to Alaska has helped my creativity in the following ways….. for one I have seen so many beautiful things and I have been writing down tons of ideas, I have taken a lot of pictures, and I am dying to do some artwork! Being away from it for so long makes you Jones for it!!! Lol I have not had the space for it or the time. So Vegas and creative time here I come!!!!

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