Pending Diagnosis

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Fearing a medical diagnosis during a pandemic. How the pandemic plays out during the process.

Eventually everyone has some type of health issues. From sprains to cuts and bruises to more serious issues, and normally it wouldn’t be a big deal. But in a pandemic, that kinda changes the situation some. Doctor visits are video chats emergency visits well…let’s say it’s like a movie scene. I say that because I’m personally am dealing with it and the waiting periods can be a nightmare. You having to wait for months to finally see a doctor then,

that doctor having you to go to a specialist which means you have to wait longer and you have to stay calm till you do. Being left with more questions than when you enter that doctors office can be draining. But you stay positive because you think if it was extremely serious you would be dead already just from the waiting to find out what killed you. So you know you don’t have to add that stress to your mindset but you know something is about to change and you have to wait. I love how my doctor gives me a mental list to digest what could be coming up in our little adventure because she knows I’m going to have a sarcastic reaction to whatever it is.

But one name keeps popping out of her mouth that I new I had to research because she’s saying it too much. I’m not going to say it because saying it makes it real and if I have to wait so do you! I can say that the mortality rate is high and the quality of life is shortened and the pills you take are large so you do lose yourself in away because your drowning in side effects. But the worst part is the pain. Knowing the looming levels of pain levels alone have made people end their lives. I know that because I’ve taken care of people who have tried to just to avoid the pain they suffer when their attempts failed. And yet I stay optimistic because I have to wait. Not weeks but months because a virus is still out there increasing it’s strength and peoples fears.

Increasing peoples fears that includes your family and friends. Do you keep them updated or wait? Do you accept the unknown or try to accept what could be your new journey in life? And when you decide what you plan to do How will the pandemic play its part? You can’t have one on one conversations with people so emails? Text? Or better yet those awkward phone calls listening to people cry knowing there’s nothing they can do but you know your stressing them out because there’s nothing they can do.


I see why people stay silence because of that pity expression you get just from hearing a tittle. You want to avoid that look for as long as you can and that’s where the pandemic can work in your favor! That separation gives you that time you need till your ready but when will you be ready? Well you got the time to figure it out because all you got is time because your impatience mind has to be patience. Enjoy.

I kinda warned you I’m sarcastic lol.

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