Stereotyping in 2021

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With everything going on these past few years you would think this wouldn’t be as relevant but it is. Sadly it is just as relevant as the Covid virus. Assumptions are higher than normal. People are adding their fears to the mix which in my thoughts is a deadly combination. And with facts not being shared people are feeling that stereotyping is valid. From your day to day life to Police Officers to Postal workers.

No one is safe from this labeling . I’ve had to deal with some sort of stereotype my whole life. From Being too fat to walk with my head up or being that angry black woman for standing up for myself. I won’t lie and say its not annoying because it is, but I can also see the shift of how it has become more serious now than it was in my past. No one is safe. Asian Americans are being attacked just because their face looks like a rumor! that, that’s were the virus came from or that’s the excuse being used to spread hate for a different culture. A White woman can’t try to learn about different cultures to make herself wiser without being giving a title of sellout or culture thieves from both sides because everyone and I mean everyone is on a edge with any type of actions from anyone. I want to say people have been stuck in their homes and forgot that what they see on their screens is for entertainment and that those scenes are not real life.

Every Black Man that is well off didn’t make their fortune from drugs.

Every White woman doesn’t date a Black man for the size of his private parts.

Every Asian isn’t trying to cook your pets.

Every White person is not looking down on everyone else.

Every Latino Male is not in some type of gang.

Some of these types are pretty classic but unfortunately still relevant in our world today. I know it won’t stop and I’m sure there are plenty of other stereotypes I couldn’t think of and I’m glad that isn’t my mindset to try but I hope that the level will eventually die down and people will realize that as much as you try to put a stereotype on them, those same people can do the same to you. And where will that lead to?

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