Onney the CEO

talks to us as she grows from poet to Rising Star

 How did you get the name Onney?

Onney: 2 of my favorite mentors Dr. KG Bell (Dean of Graduate Studies) and Frank Jones (Willie Harris) gave me this name early on in my poetic journey back in 2001. It means to desire to be great. 

What motivated you to do this show?

Onney: I Love being a cheerleader of sorts. I have always been attracted to the light in others, so I created a platform that would allow me to introduce the world to the light I see in others. It’s not work when you love it.

What topic is your favorite?

Onney: The topic I seem to hone in on is, “What makes this guest Outside the Box”; be it music, film, beauty industry, arts or otherwise. I want to know their formula for success. The motivation behind this angle is to inspire others that may be on the same journey as the guest; if they can do it, so can you.

How do you think being Black and a Female has helped and hendor you in this field?

Onney:  Being black and female in a male dominated industry has been both a challenge and a journey, but women CEO’s are the future; therefore I am hopeful of what that represents. 

What would you say to females who want to follow in your footsteps?

Onney: Stay true to yourself, heal your traumas and let go of the social stigmas that leave you stuck. Understand that everyone will not see your vision, and that is ok. Accept that the support you desire will not come from familiar faces and some of the people that your journey will bless may not be from your immediate circle. Do it anyway!! 

What is one thing that you think is the most empowering effect that you have had since you have started your journey?

Onney: The most empowering effect my journey has had was proving to myself that I can do it. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. It is important to walk the walk and talk the talk. How can you inspire others when you yourself aren’t inspired? 

Who would be your dream guest?

Onney: I have so many dream guests that it’s hard to narrow it down. I would however love to interview Oprah because she is my inspiration when it comes to having a talk show that makes a difference in the community.

What do you want to see happen with your show?

Onney: The goal is to get my show on a syndicated network on prime time TV… It’s coming! 

What inspires your talent?

Onney: The love of life, and art. 

What’s your favorite part of doing your show?

Onney: My favorite part of doing my talk show is being able to sit across from others and be inspired first hand from their journey. I thoroughly enjoy being able to put those that inspire me on multiple platforms at once to inspire others as well. So far I have made amazing connections that have allowed me to pass the blessing forward to others on their journey to success. 

What’s the funniest moment you’ve had so far on your show that you were not expecting?

Onney: I had a guest get up in the middle of a recording to surprise a guest they brought with them… totally messed up the production and flow of the show, but I had to keep going as if it was planned… if you are reading this, please never excuse yourself while the cameras are rolling in the middle of an interview.

Where can people watch your show?

Onney: You can catch Outside the Box with Onney on all streaming platforms including Hip Hop Streets Live Stream Music App, YouTube, Apple Music and more on Wednesday’s at 7pm. You can also catch us on AStar TV on Thursdays at 7pm. Each week we bring new guests on the show.

Open mic!!!(the stage is yours…enjoy)


“The Liberation of a Lil’ Brown Girl” 

I’m on the verge of a break up, a break up to make up all of the inconsistencies that I have found within me… So yes, I am breaking up with myself! It’s not about anyone else, because when it’s all said and done and the shit hits the fan, I am the only one left to take the stand,… and I understand what bad choices can do. Bad choices can make you look like the fool, bad choices can make you seem so uncouf – I tell you the truth that, I HAVE HAD MY SHARE!! So as I stand in the mirror, I can’t stand to see the reflection staring back at me. So it’s time that I remove all of the trash and debris, plus the make up! And take up some advice from my old friend 7…like he said, “it’s not about Mary Kay, Fashion Fair or Mac it’s the personal baggage that’s attached” and I refuse to be the bag lady!!! So today I am breaking up with me! Because when I look in that mirror I can’t stand the reflection that I see.

Now don’t get me wrong everything I see is not bad, but it’s sad because, as I look beyond the surface of the reflection and look into my own eyes, the pain I have inflicted on myself makes me want to cry. How can I make bad decisions in relationships and then have the audacity, to turn around and ask God why Me? How can I love a man more than I love myself? How can I put everything else before my well being and put my priorities on a shelf? It’s time to wake up, so I am going to shake up myself with a personal break up so I can be a better me and be satisfied with the reflection I see in that mirror staring back at me.

Yes I am great mother to my sons and I love all three, yes indeed. But where’s that man that planted those seeds? The problem was I put his wants before my needs! The problem was I never had time to BREATHE, a mother at the young age of 16! Yeah I may have finished school but I have disillusioned myself with love by playing the fool. Not just once, but twice so I have to tell myself that something just ain’t right. You can’t do the same thing expecting different results, that mathematical equation will never add up. The problem wasn’t them, it was me, because I allowed those men to treat me unfairly. My first husband beated on me and my second husband cheated on me and I stuck around way too long because I didn’t think that I was worthy. That mindset was embedded in my mentality leaving me to be a product of my environment on the inside, so I wore a smile on the outside trying to hide my dismay, but today I AM FREE! I am free from your judgment of me, I am free to be whomever I want to be even if you don’t find it satisfactory. I am breaking up with me because I will no longer be – bound by the molestation that happen to me from the man I had to call step-daddy, I will no longer be bound by extension cord beatings and mother screaming YOU B***H! YOU AINT GONE BE S**T! I owe it to that little black girl who was lost in this dark world a new beginning with a Happy Ending. SHE DESERVES TO BE FINALLY BE HAPPY. She deserves a life that’s tear free and full of possibilities. 

 All my life I have lived just to prove them wrong! I’ve written books, songs and recited poems, starred in stage plays and executive produced my own CD, even did a few movies, But still I couldn’t seem to break away from the shackles that held me, because with all that success I still felt empty. I still thought that it was my image that would make me! But I was sadly mistaken, because they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but not when your imitating being happy! Not when your closest friends turn out to be your enemies. I would walk through the poetry lounge with this great big smile, making sure my hair on point and my cloths was in style. But who the hell cares? I wasn’t content even when I did get compliments. This was my get away from the reality of dealing with ME, and so…we’re breaking up! All those things I went through I never let go and forgot… I am making up my mind to say that isn’t what LIFE’S about!  I want to be free…so I am breaking up with me, because when I look in the mirror do you know who I need to see? I need to see a God Fearing, faith having, bold, beautiful and secure black woman staring back at me! And that is what I call a REFLECTION of Perfection…

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