What is the name of the event and what is it for?

Miss. Shantell: The I’m a Survivor seminar is an artistic counseling event where I gather with the artist in the city of Houston and counsel to the community through different forms of Art

How long has the event been running for?

Miss Shantell: The I’m Survivor Seminar has been going on since 2015

What should people expect if they are coming for the first time?

Miss Shantell: This event is and emotional roller coaster ride. It would take you on a journey that you have never been on before. It will make you laugh is going to make you cry hell you might even want to take a leap around the room, but most of all is healing

How does someone go about joining in on the event?

Miss Shantell: By either contacting I.A.G. Productions or poACTryProductions, or by just attending the event and sharing their story with us

What has been your best memory so far?

Miss. Shantell: Back in 2018 we was congressionally recognized by congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for the work we was doing with the I’m a Survivor seminar for the children in the community. That’s a memory that I would never forget because it let me know that what we are doing is helping somebody. It let us know that we’re doing something that means something to somebody

If you could have anyone perform who and why?

Miss. Shantell: Well since I am usually the person that makes the executive decision behind who perform; I would say the people the on the event this year like Nissi Hamilton, She So Cold, Socra Teez the poet, Rosie Bush and so many more,  but the one person I really want to share her story, that doesn’t want to, is my mother because she is the reason why we are even much is doing this event. I feel like it’s time for her to tell her story she wants me to tell it. 
OMG, I feel like crying, one day I’ma get her to finally tell her story, I Promise

You have a number of Houston’s Best poets and performers continue to support your event. What’s your secret?

Miss. Shantell: Because I allow them to tell their testimony and only a way that they can. Without it being censored allow them to be free I allow them to be outspoken and raw. No one can tell you how your story needs to be told but you, and nobody knows your story but you. So why not, but that’s not a secret it’s public information, LOL.

How does someone get tickets for the upcoming event?

Miss. Shantell: By either contacting anyone that’s actually on the event or by clicking on the linkiag-productions.ticketleap.com/iass2k21/

What can people do to help support throughout the year to help support for the next event?

Miss. Shantell: By staying in contact with IAG Productions and poACTry Productions and it’s events that they put on throughout the year,  there are always sponsorship packages available, or they can support the different organizations that we all are apart of and trust me there are a lot

If you could let the world know anything about what you do, what would you say?

Miss. Shantell: I am just an artist The Love supporting other artists, I am a person that just loves helping other people I am very modest, I am very caring, I would give the shirt off my very back to make sure that you have one. That’s just me and it can’t get any more real than that

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