What is the name of your show?

Nite Talks with Sasha: From a Plus -size woman’s point of view

   Shalanda:  I am also co-owner of a production company called S and M Radio Productions, LLC where my husband and I host a show titled S and M Radio.

How did you decide the format for the show?

Shalanda: The format came about because I did not see many women, especially plus size women talk about all issues. They mainly talked about women issues in dating and relationships. I wanted to be more than that. I wanted to talk about everything like I did with my friends. 

How would you describe your first show?

Shalanda: Oh wow, I am going to be honest and say I do not remember! LOL!

I am sure it was a controlled mess! 

Why did you decide to do radio?

Shalanda: I did not really! It chose me! I was asked to guest host a show in 2011 and was asked to stay there and 

   became apart of the show permanently. There I learned a lot and in 2012 decided that I wanted to start my own show. I found a voice that I never knew I had or needed and wanted to share my thoughts with the world.

What’s your favorite topic?

Shalanda: Oh wow, So many!  But the one that still sticks with me is a show I did on Sex Trafficking. It was when sex trafficking was on people’s radar and a show on A&E led me to thinking how can I make this known to others to hopefully help someone and teach others: myself included of what to look for. I was very proud of the information that got out because of that show! 

  The other show that was my favorite and the show that made me viral was Does Size Matter. People still search and listen to that show!

What would you tell fellow Black females who want to enter into this industry?

Shalanda: do not take it personal if others do not believe or see your vision or support you.

  B) Have something to say! I mean do not be afraid to discuss any topic that comes your way. Tackle politics! Tackle voting and the Racial divide. Do not be afraid to push the needle and be a little Shock jock! We have enough fluff.

  C) Surround yourself with folks that love what you do! Collab together with people.

   D) Most important! Promote the hell out of yourself! Tell people in the streets and not just on your   Facebook pages. Treat your show like a second job. You can’t put in only 2 hours and expect it to pick up because it won’t! And stay consistent! You will have to do what I’m doing now and starting back over. Which is okay because now I have the history to do better this time! Learning from my own mistakes!

  E). Do not get discouraged if folks aren’t listening because, they are! Just keep going and you will gain and audience.

Who would be your dream guest?

Shalanda: Jill Scott simply because I love her!

Secondly, I would say Amanda Seals. I feel that we have similar traits and love how she does not dumb herself down for others. I would love to pick her brain!

 Have you ever felt like you ever went too far with a discussion and regretted it OR wished you had continued?!

Shalanda: Let me say that again! NEVER!

I love pushing the envelope and people to see past their one-sided thinking about certain topics.

For me NOTHING is TABOO on my show. I’ve had people come out on the show, even a couple that has an open marriage. I inform guest that I am going to ask HARD questions. If people come into my playpen, they know that we are going to have a hard and HONEST discussion!  So far..lol no one has stormed off!

How do you prepare to be a host?

Shalanda:I try to prepare my guests by getting them set up and give them a quick pep talk and try to reassure them. I also try to get everything done 30 minutes before the show to try to get ahead of technical difficulties. I also get myself in a good head space by lowering the lights. I play a little Jill Scott but honestly it never helps! I still get the butterflies before EVER show! Which to me is a good thing. It means for ME that I am still enjoying myself.

What would you say is a financial benefit of doing radio?

    Shalanda: I am a talker and love honest and open dialogue. So, my shows are setup the same way. Nothing is taboo for me except the sexually abuse of children and/or animals. 

There is a great benefit if you can get paid by getting on platforms like Iheart radio and Sirrus XM radio and other streaming platforms. Being on these streams can be good and bad especially one where  you may have to change  your format to fit their programming, one such platform is Youtube. When a show is Just getting started you can use your platform to allow other people to advertise on your show by doing ads or even promos where that cash can be put back into your show to help supplement equipment and upkeep.

How can people check out your show?

Shalanda: People can catch my show Nite Talks with Sasha on www.spreaker.com/sandmradioproductions every other Thursday at 9pm. People can also check out S and M Radio on Monday’s and Friday’s at 9pm to 11pm also on http://www.spreaker.com/sandmradioproductions

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