Issacc Mouton

Host of Ike’s Big Bites talks to us about traveling and tasting what Texas has to offer.

What made you decide to do a show on food?

Issacc: I’m a foodie.  I love food and I love South East Texas food and I am always trying out new restaurants and off the beaten path places and I really wanted to share and also highlight these special places.  Especially so many great places have been closing there doors lately its important we bring attention so we don’t lose them. 

Would you say that you look for Black Owned locations to also add to your spotlight when you do an episode?

Issacc: For this show I try to highlight everyone but I do want to make sure I showcase black owned. Black owned restaurants have a larger failure rate then any restaurant and its not because of the flavors. It’s usually due to location and other reasons out of their control.  So its important to let everyone know what they have to offer. 3) How did Ike’s Big Bite come about?
I wanted to find another way to showcase local spots other then my South East Black Owned Restaurants page. DJ Mann approached me and he had the same idea so we got together to create it.

What would you say is the hardest thing about doing this but yet is the most rewarding?

Issacc: Contacting the owners has been tough but I have been enjoying it. 

What are things viewers should look forward to from you?

Issacc: We are creating a fun show and we want to try not only some of the best food but some of the different and strange stuff also.  Looking passed the food we want to know the back stories of the owners and chefs. It’s going to be a great show and the best part is all the places we go to are places that locals can go to at any time.

How long have you been working on this project? Issacc: We’ve been working planning the show out for about 3 months now.

What’s one thing that has surprised you so far when you film an episode?

Issacc: Cracklin Kings smoked Pig Leg.  This was a 1st I have ever seen of a whole pig leg being smoked and cooked. But it tastes great. 

What advice would you give someone looking to do what you’re doing?

Issacc: Be open minded and willing to try anything once even if it you may not like it. 

Have you ever faked it in font of the camera just because someone was in front of you?

Issacc: No I may over exaggerate sometimes but I want to be honest with everyone but I want the audience to know just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t like it. 

What is the end goal for Big Bites? What’s your dream turnout for the show?

Issacc: My goal is just to bring some positive attention to local spots and remind people South East Texas has some great flavors.

How do you think your show can help the community while in the climate of the world today?

Issacc: I think this is the kind of show that can help pull people together.  Nothing brings people close like food. Whether is a healthy debate on who has the best BBQ the hottest wings; the show could be a conversation starter with each other. 

Who would be your dream guest host?

Issacc: I would love to get Guy Fieri, Chef Tiffany Derry, or any of the local foodies Hetty Brown or Lauren Bebeau.  It would be a fun show with any of them. 

How can anyone watch your show?

Issacc: DJ MANN TV

A filmmaker on a quest to make sure there’s a vast selection of independent films to watch.

from putting his footprint into…..

Creating his newest film written by Willie Wunka

Fireproof films, Ace Management, Deep Pocket Entertainment and Catv Productions….

doing their casting calls in Vegas August 15,2021

And adding to his collection of Post Production films he has personally overseen such as……Kings of Credits, Bad Boxer and…….

The Kings Table talk show was taped in front of a live audience and will be aired soon so be on the lookout!

How was CatTv created?

Colin: CATv was created because I felt that everybody got a story to tell and it’s my job to

tell their story.  

What type of films do you like to create?

Colin:  My first movie that I made for myself is Black Cowboy!  Most of the films I make are comedy! 

You love to post weather reports from your home…why?

Colin:   Because I live close to the beach and I’m bless you see some beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets. 

There’s a team that you work with. How do you balance everything to reach your common goal in your films, especially in a pandemic?

Colin: We don’t take no for an answer.  We trust each other and we believe in the process

What has been your biggest challenge vs your biggest accomplishment when creating?

Colin:   One of my biggest challenge was not getting the support I thought I would from family and friends.  My biggest challenge is making movies without having a budget to make them.

 let’s start talking about you and radio. When did you start this?

Colin: I did radio about 11 years ago.  It was original and it was on fire.. I had a Facebook group called Ask Dr. CAT and People would call into my radio show and get things off their chest we would talk about it.  Some people used a Cat-Identity to speak on things they wouldn’t tell anyone.

What was it like being on a red carpet?

Colin: I worked the Red Carpet at the Stella Awards about 3 years in a row..

Who have you had the pleasure of working with?

Colin: Worked with Joan Montreuil of BWIF on several movies !! Award winning Beyond The Vows.  Worked with Annette Eberly on Through Raging Storms;  worked with Kurvie Kapone on several different movies.  Teamed up with Chimere Bacon of Boss Up Houston on several projects…

I worked the Stella Awards with Chimere Bacon and teamed up with her on Kings Table Talk. CEO of Boss Up Houston. I Teaming up with Moe McCoy as my business partner and I have to say its one of the best business decisions I’ve made.

How would you describe your team?

Colin: My team was sent to me from GOD.  They are the best and we all believe in each other..

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